Thursday, May 4, 2017

PAPER WALLS Book Soundtrack

Photo credit: Teresa Kluge // Unsplash

Music is a monumental part of my everyday life. I'm almost always listening to music. Like right now (LANY, of course). So, naturally, music plays a huge part in my writing. As I write a book, I build a playlist on Spotify that I feel fits the mood and the themes in the book. Sometimes a song will even inspire a scene. It helps me get into the heads of the characters and bring them to life in a much deeper way. Then it's easier to convey what they feel, and really get their pain/joy/anger/fear/etc across. If I had to pick one theme song for PAPER WALLS, it would be "Pieces" by Andrew Belle.

Just like with STILL THE SONG, I have compiled a playlist on Spotify that coincides with the book. It's not as perfectly ordered scene by scene like my STS playlist, but most, if not all of the songs fit into parts of the book. If you would like to get an inkling of what I wanted the book to feel like, if you want to know what I listened to while I wrote the book, if you want to get a deeper look into the characters, or if you'd just like to listen to some great music, check out my playlist!

Note: None of the above artists are at all affiliated with me or my book. All songs listed are the property of their respective artists, and have only been compiled for entertainment purposes. ;)

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