Still the Song Soundtrack

Music is a huge part of my life, so naturally, it's a huge part of my writing. I find that listening to music while I write helps me to slip into my fictional worlds much easier, allowing me to drown out everything else. Early on, I knew what kind of feel Still the Song had, and over time as I wrote, I made a playlist that coincides with the book as if it were a movie. Each of these songs is connected to a specific scene. It was fun to plug the songs in to certain parts and, to me, it helped the book come alive even more. I've listed the scenes below, as vaguely as I could. Enjoy!

1. "Sixteen Steps" – Team Me 
Ch. 1 Opening scene when Jonah drives up to the house

2. "Get Up" – Barcelona 
Ch. 1 Jacob's funeral / Jonah sees Hannah again

3. "Looking For You Again" – Matthew Perryman Jones
Ch. 1 Flashback of Jonah leaving

4. "252" – Gem Club
Ch. 1 The porch

5. "A Drop in the Ocean" – Ron Pope
Ch. 2 Jonah visits Hannah 

6. "Never Had" – Oscar Isaac 
Ch. 3 Driving home from Gatsby's

7. "Bloodstream" – Stateless
Ch. 3 Hammock

8. "Make It Without You" – Andrew Belle
Ch. 4 Jonah leaves

9. "Inevitable" – Anberlin
Ch. 4 Flashback when Hannah confesses 

10. "Hello My Old Heart" – The Oh Hellos
Ch. 4 The park

**This track is not available on Spotify, but I included it anyway. The lyrics are perfect! 
("Hazy" – Rosi Golan & William Fitzsimmons
Ch. 5 Hannah wakes up)

11. "Tomorrow" – Daughter 
Ch. 5 Flashback at airport

12. "Losing Your Memory" – Ryan Star
Ch. 6 Hannah tells Jonah

13. "Be Here Now" – Ray Lamontagne
Ch. 6 The scrapbook

14. "Hymn For Her" – Anchor & Braille 
Ch. 7 Hot chocolate at the park

15. "Hesitate" – Steve Moakler
Ch. 8 Tattoo talk

**This track is not available on Spotify, but I love this acoustic version!
("Take Me Away (acoustic)" – Lifehouse
Ch. 9 Hotel)

16. "Uneven Odds" – Sleeping At Last
Ch. 9 Driving

17. "Normal Song" – Perfume Genius
Ch. 9 Packing  

18. "We Become" – Ryan Edgar 
Ch. 10 Beach sunrise

19. "Trouble" – Coldplay
Ch. 12 Crazy Hannah

20. "All You Wanted" – Sounds Under Radio
Ch. 14 Nathan at Gasby's

21. "Featherstone" – The Paper Kites
Ch. 15 Hannah's memory box 

22. "Robbers" – The 1975
Ch. 16 Bathroom, cleaning cuts

23. "I'll Keep You Safe" – Sleeping At Last
Ch. 17 Jonah talks to Gracie in her room

24. "The Moon" – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
Ch. 18 Jonah and Hannah's long good night talk

**This track is not available on Spotify, but it's probably my absolute favorite Anberlin song. 
("All We Have" – Anberlin 
Ch. 19 Hannah plays Anberlin in the car) 

25. "The Blower's Daughter" – Damien Rice
Ch. 19 Flashback of first date

26. "Settle Down" – The 1975
Ch. 20 Nathan plays The 1975

27. "Without Fear of Their Return." – Weaver At the Loom
Ch. 20 Jacob's grave

28. "I'd Like to Die" – Anberlin
Ch. 21 Jonah and Hannah talk on her bed 

29, "Be the Song" – Foy Vance 
Ch. 21 New Year's Eve 

30. "Keep On Trying" – Lanterns on the Lake
End of epilogue