Saturday, May 2, 2015


I've decided that I need to be better about updating, but I'm always torn as to what a sufficient update is. Can I only talk about my writing? How do I do that if I don't want to shovel out spoilers for a book that isn't even finished yet? And how boring is it to vaguely talk about a book you know nothing about? So then, do I talk about my life? How exciting is that to people? Is it arrogant to share my thoughts and happenings, just assuming that people care about that? I have no idea. Thus my reasons for not knowing exactly what is appropriate to blog about here. Most writers seem to blog about writing tips, which is awesome, and has helped me a lot in my writing, but I don't claim at all to be an expert, so that won't be my blogging focus here. But hey, ten points for being honest about this silly dilemma, right? ;)

I guess I'll just share general thoughts and life events, and include updates on my upcoming books when possible. How does that sound? If anything is super boring and you couldn't care less, just skip over it. Easy peasy.

Lately, I have actually been working on TWO books. I know, how did that happen? I've been working on the first one since the end of last summer. It is currently titled Paper Walls, and will probably remain so. It is more of a young adult story, but with some darker topics (of course). I am really enjoying it so far, and loving these characters. I never thought I'd top Jonah and Hannah, or even come close to caring about anyone like I care about them. But I think I'm proving myself wrong. I'm quite fond of Cole, Leighton, and Wesley. And I hope you will be too! I'm not exactly sure when this book will be finished, but I will keep you updated!

The other book I'm working on is related to Still the Song. It's not a sequel or a prequel. It's a retelling of sorts. I had so many readers express a desire for more of the story. And some expressed disappointment in finding out my second book (Paper Walls) would not be a sequel. I thought about it for a while and played around with some unusual ideas, and I ended up starting an alternate universe-type of story, so to speak. It's the story that would've happened had Jonah known Hannah's secret from the start. I don't want to say too much for those who may not have read Still the Song, but it's been interesting to explore the events that would've occurred in those five years, had Jonah been there. Drama with his father would ensue for sure, something we didn't really get to see in the original. I don't want this to replace the real story. It's more of an extra, like you get on a DVD, where you can watch an alternate ending or deleted scenes that aren't actually a part of the real movie. I want this version to be what proves that Hannah had made the right decision in keeping Jonah in the dark all those years, no matter how cruel or ridiculous her decision may have seemed. So far, it's working, but honestly, I still haven't decided what will happen with this story. I'm not sure how interested readers would be in this kind of idea. Some have expressed enthusiastic interest, but I don't know yet what will happen. If you think this sounds good, if you enjoyed Jonah and Hannah enough to read an alternate retelling of their story, let me know.

And that's all I can think of for now! I'm going to close with something I'm borrowing from the incredible Ryan of Sleeping At Last. He closes out each of his posts with a few random things he's currently loving, and I think that is a great idea. I love promoting things I love and enjoy, so I hope Ryan doesn't mind me stealing his awesome idea. ;)

So, here we go! Some things I'm loving right now...

1.) Discovering new music on Spotify. I love that app. If you don't have it, you are missing out! And if you do have it, follow me! (Search for Nicole Feller!)
2.) Kian & JC on YouTube. Okay, I know they can sometimes be vulgar, and I'm probably too old to like them, but they're adorable and funny, and their silliness actually helps distract me when I'm feeling anxious. Also, I think Kian & JC's challenge videos are a little reminiscent of Jackass, which is a guilty pleasure of mine, so that makes for some good laughs.
3.) Handsome Ghost. Thanks to Spotify, I stumbled upon this band, and I am obsessed with their songs, "Steps" and "Blood Stutter." On repeat for days.
4.) Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares. I don't know how it happened, but I am addicted to watching these two shows lately. Gordon Ramsay is the man.
5.) Trying to come up with a name for our pug puppy that comes home in two weeks! I'm so excited about our new puppy. It's been fun preparing for him and buying him the things he'll need. Honestly, the naming issue is more of a love/hate thing right now, because I can't believe how difficult a task it's become, but it's a welcome issue nonetheless, and I am thrilled he will soon be ours! Got any great boy pug name ideas? Let me know! (Hint: I like people-ish names--Bailey was our previous pug--and surnames.)

I leave you with an irresistible photo of our little nameless guy. ;)

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