Casey’s perfect fairytale ended abruptly when she lost her boyfriend, Lucas. Wholly devastated, she’s forced to brave her new normal without the slightest idea where to begin.

Lennon’s identity and his entire world collapsed when he lost his brother and best friend, Lucas. Still fractured by his last heartbreak, Lennon comes home to say an impossible goodbye.

When Casey and Lennon meet, their mutual grief connects them in a deeper way than they ever expected. Casey discovers a new life of adventure and excitement through Lennon, who is Lucas’s opposite in many respects. While Lennon is mostly fun and confidence on the outside, he is full of scars and pain on the inside. But something about Casey’s sweetness and strength makes Lennon feel safe, giving him someone to truly confide in for the first time.

How could they need each other so much?
Why does their friendship feel like the cure for this vicious loss?
What would Lucas say...if he knew?

Cole MacHendrick is all mystery and gloom. And he’s about to change Leighton’s life…whether he likes it or not.

When Leighton Tucker goes off to college alongside her best friends, Quinn and Wesley, she isn’t quite prepared for Cole—her beautiful but rude psych project partner. As Cole lets his guard slip, Leighton finds herself caring for the broken boy with a secret past.

Despite Cole’s warnings, Leighton dives in blindly, hoping to heal him the way he’s healing her. But will she ever get to see who he really is? Or will the darkness Cole carries obliterate everything?

Jonah and Hannah were made for each other.
Inseparable from the start, they fell into their very own epic love story.
Until Jonah left.

After one final straw, going away to college was Jonah’s only escape from his abusive father. But the distance quickly took its toll, and Jonah’s once-perfect relationship with Hannah turned to ash.

Now, five years later, the death of Jonah’s father forces him to return home and face the people and the pain he'd left behind. What he discovers uproots his entire world, destroying everything he thought he knew about life, love, and even himself.