Friday, September 7, 2018

Book number 3

It's been a little over a year of silence here on the blog. Wow, time goes by so fast. I've been wanting to get back on here and share my thoughts and progress, but I've got that pesky self-doubt going that I think a lot of writers deal with.

Does anyone even care?

Who's going to read it?

Am I just rambling?

Even if one person cares or reads it (even if it's my own mother), and even if I ramble, it's still worth sharing. Because this is my journey. And this is my blog. Fair enough? I think so. ;)

So, here I am, trying to get back into it. I've definitely not been doing nothing this past year, despite my absence. As the blog title suggests, I am working on book number three. I started writing it last May, so it's been in the works for almost sixteen months now.

My current word count is 134,903. I'm finally nearing the end of my first draft, and let me tell you, it's like nothing I've ever written before. In this story, I've switched from third person to first, and from past tense to present. I love the difference. I love the closeness of the characters' thoughts and feelings. I always thought I preferred third person narrative, but I've learned that I absolutely don't. 

I'm 99% sure that this book has a title. Up until a couple weeks ago, it's been obnoxiously untitled. Nothing was good enough, or titles that seemed to fit it best were already used and I was getting frustrated. I'm planning to reveal the title soon. I just want to be sure that that little 1% of uncertainty is gone before I do.

So what's this book about? Well, I haven't written the synopsis, which I think is more difficult than writing the entire book, but I'll try to summarize the general plot without giving too much away.

The book takes place in early summer of 2017, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Casey Hale is our female protangonist, a young kindergarten teacher who's just lost her boyfriend, Lucas, in a sudden accident. Enter in Lennon Reid, our male protagonist and Lucas's brother, whom Casey has never met, but quickly connects with over the mutal loss of their deepest human bond. Lennon is Lucas's opposite in so many ways, introducing Casey to a world of adventure and excitement she never experienced with timid and reserved Lucas. While Lennon is all fun and confidence on the outside, he is scars and pain on the inside, and it seems like Casey is the only one he's ever been able to confide in, the only one who's able to help him heal.

That's all I will say for now! I hope it hooks you and makes you want to read it! I know I'm biased, but I absolutely adore this story. I think it's beautiful and sweet, and even though some parts are horribly sad, it's also funny at times. It's real and it's raw and it's my favorite thing I've ever written. I can't wait to share it with you!


  1. I agree😘your best writing to date!

  2. I absolutely cannot wait. I love your books and I’m sure this one will be amazing as well. Thank you for sharing!!