Thursday, April 7, 2016

Paper Walls is finished!

I finished Paper Walls!

Okay, just the first draft. But still! That is the biggest step in the entire process. It's the bones of the story. For me, it's the part that takes the longest.

After a year and seven months, I have 114,810 words. And now it's time for the editing stage!

I'm so excited to have completed my story! It's easy to worry that somewhere along the way, I'll lose the story, or hit a dry spot and find out that there's nothing more to write, leaving the story severely lacking and unfinished. But I stuck with it, I pushed past the writer's block on several occasions, and I finished it! 

The work isn't over yet, of course. It took me five months to edit and format Still the Song. But since it was my first novel, a lot of that time was spent teaching myself to literally build my entire interior and cover. 

I've really fallen in love with Paper Walls. I actually can't decide which of my two novels I love more. I didn't think it was possible to create anything after Still the Song that I could have such a passion for. I couldn't fathom loving any of my characters the way I love Jonah and Hannah. But here I am, so sad to be done with my late nights of creating the stories of Cole, Leighton, Wesley, Quinn, and Delaney. I hope you love them too! 

Paper Walls is still set for a fall release. I will be revealing the cover this summer! 

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