Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Photo credit: Elijah Henderson // Unsplash

Bake a cake. Pull out the streamers. Throw some confetti. PAPER WALLS is coming.

Fall is already (in my humble opinion) the best season of all. Why not make it even better by releasing my second book? When the trees are transforming with gorgeous golden hues for you lucky ones up north, and summer is still in full swing for us unfortunate ones in the south, my book will be ready for your hands, your mind, and (hopefully!) your heart.

Secrets. Love. Friendship. Bravery. Laughter. Pain. All these things and more fill the cracks and creases of PAPER WALLS. Leighton, Cole, Wesley, and Quinn wait for you on these pages––waiting to come alive in your imagination. But more on them later...


Things I love right now:

Fixer Upper – Oh my goodness. I could watch it day and night. Can I just shiplap my entire house please?
BookOutlet – Super cheap, awesome books delivered straight to your door? A dream come true. So far, since discovering them, I'm 21 books richer and counting.
Beats+ Pill – I LOVE this portable bluetooth speaker my hubby got me for Christmas. Small in size, but huge in sound quality. I use it several times a day. Every. single. day.

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