Sunday, May 18, 2014

Final Draft!

I received my edited manuscript almost two weeks ahead of schedule! When I got the news via e-mail yesterday, I was ecstatic and nervous. I was thrilled to be that much closer to publishing, but afraid to see how many mistakes I made! Thankfully, I didn't do too badly for a first-time author, and the editor said she enjoyed my novel, so that made me very happy.

I have spent these past two days slaving away on my flawed laptop, going through all of the corrections and suggestions in my manuscript. I learned a lot, and gained more confidence in my novel. It's scary to put your work out there and make it vulnerable to inevitable criticism. People love to write reviews! I just hope people like it enough to say nice things! Don't we all, though?

At this very moment, I am putting my cover together. I have the front cover designed and ready to go, but I have the spine and back to design and put together. This really is a lot of work! But it will be so worth it when I hold my book in my just a couple weeks!

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